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...and giving creative control back to the Chefs"

If you live outside of the 'gastro-hubs' of London's zone 1, the choice of exciting food options, expertly cooked and served in soulful surroundings, is severely limited. Why? Because the current restaurant infrastructure favours chains and clones over creative independents.  

table&candle is aiming to rebuild the restaurant industry from the ground up and transform the way London eats out by bringing a new breed of restaurant to London's high streets - one which favours craft, creativity and quality.

We repurpose independent high street spaces whilst partnering with craft producers, makers and artists to open unique restaurants in different neighbourhoods, then invite the most pioneering chefs to design and cook exclusive menus, for a limited time only. 

Already fully active in the UK & Netherlands, by 2026 our plan is to have table&candle restaurants in every corner of the globe, featuring an ever changing menu of concepts and chefs from far and wide, and...

...bringing one of a kind restaurants to your neighbourhood

"Built on the sharing economy, enabled through technology"

Our principles

  • Surfacing under-represented, undiscovered & new cuisines
  • Empowering independent partners, over corporates
  • Favouring provenance and seasonality in ingredients
  • Dedicated to London's neighbourhood high streets
  • Consideration of all the senses, not just taste
  • Striving for zero-waste in food, space and talent

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