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Restaurants, unchained.

table&candle is transforming the way London eats out, sustainably. 

By giving creative freedom back to the Chefs, we are bringing new, delicious 'one of a kind' restaurant concepts to high streets across London, for a limited time only.  

Our vision

Welcome to table&candle.

a table&candle with Bettina Campolucci Bordi

With ‘under-represented’ cuisines being at the core of table&candle's raison d’être, what better place for us kick off our season of one-of-a-kind restaurants than the wonderful world of plant-based. One of the UK’s most pioneering plant-based chefs - Bettina Campolucci Bordi - joins our launch series of Restaurants for a 2-night-only concept in Hoxton, offering a delectable 7-course, Asian-inspired menu.

Bettina Campolucci // Hoxton // Seven plates

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a table&candle with Valentina Nigro

It's official - Italian food was voted the world's most popular cuisine in a global study this year. And yet, Italian chefs the world over lament that it's still not being done right. One such Chef is Valentina Nigro, protogé and Chef de Partie to Theo Randall, who endeavours to show us just what she means this November by reviving some of the ancient recipes and local ingredients from her native Puglia to showcase 'soulful Italian cooking'. 

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 UP NEXT    Valentina Nigro // East Finchley & Clerkenwell // Seven plates

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